Private Hospital Drives Patient Traffic

A private hospital aimed to increase patient traffic and enhance its reputation within the local community. Despite providing top-notch healthcare services, the hospital’s online presence was limited, affecting its ability to attract new patients.

SEO strategy

The hospital started with hyper-local keyword optimisation, identifying location-specific search terms to enhance the relevance of its website content and Google My Business listing.

This ensured the hospital appeared prominently in local search results. Additionally, a robust local content marketing campaign was launched, creating community-focused content such as health tips, event announcements, and patient testimonials to engage the local audience and improve search visibility.

The hospital also implemented online reputation management strategies, encouraging satisfied patients to leave positive reviews and responding promptly to feedback to build trust and credibility.

Mobile optimisation was prioritised, ensuring that the website was mobile-friendly and that local landing pages were optimised for mobile devices, catering to users conducting local searches on smartphones.


  • The private hospital saw a 22.4% increase in patient traffic.
  • Local search visibility improved significantly, with higher rankings for hyper-local keywords.
  • Mastery of local SEO drove tangible business results and strengthened community connections, fostering patient loyalty and repeat visits.

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