Enterprise SEO Excellence Fuels Global Growth

An enterprise software provider aimed to accelerate growth and expand its market presence globally. Competing in a challenging industry, they needed a robust online strategy to sustain growth and attract enterprise clients.

SEO strategy

The enterprise began with a comprehensive keyword analysis to identify strategic keywords relevant to their target industries and decision-makers, informing their content strategy and optimisation efforts.

They performed advanced technical SEO audits to assess and improve website performance, addressing issues like crawlability and optimising the site architecture for scalability.

To cater to a global audience, they implemented multilingual SEO strategies, translating and localising content, using href lang tags, and setting international targeting in search consoles.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools were employed to track performance metrics, analyse user behaviour, and measure ROI across different regions, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous optimisation of their SEO strategy.


  • The software provider saw a substantial increase in organic search visibility, with higher rankings for strategic enterprise keywords.
  • Global expansion efforts were bolstered, successfully penetrating new markets and securing clients worldwide.
  • Commitment to SEO fueled growth, positioning the company as a leader in the enterprise software market and driving sustained success.

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